A downloadable game for Windows

A hardboiled noir detective shoots his inner demons away...

Made in 48 hours for the GameMaker's Toolkit Jam! (2017)

"Roaring Streets!" is a turn-based shooter in which every mechanic is tied to the arrow keys.

How does the submission match the jam's theme?

In "Roaring Streets", every mechanic can be controlled through the player's turn based movement. Move to evade enemies, or move into enemies to shoot them. But with every move, the game cycles through your inventory of weapons, forcing you to have to balance evasion, attacks, and gun types within a single movement. The movement mechanic serves a triple purpose!

The game currently runs on Windows only. Sorry! 

Third party resources:

Music from incompetech.com 
"Spy Glass" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Sounds from SoundBible.com (all sounds Attribution 3.0)

Everything else created by cottontrek!


Roaring Streets Game.exe (4 MB)
Roaring Streets Game (no screenshake).exe (4 MB)


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Awesome game! I thought it was very clever to give the main mechanic of the genre a dual purpose. Also, very polished! I love it!

Very stylish. Very cool.

The world needs more Roaring Streets. Make it so.

This game is absolutely fantastic! I'd definitely love to see this project continued (and would absolutely be up for working on it)!

this is amazing!


I would love to see this game worked on more with more guns and enemies. Amazing game for only 48 hours. Definitely continue this project :)


Great game! Very nice!


As soon as i saw this on the GMTK game review live stream, i had to play - did not disappoint! AWESOME GAME!! Great work :)