A downloadable game for Windows

(Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 36)

A historically accurate retelling of the Trojan war...

Play as the legendary greek hero "Oblivius" and use the trojan horse mech to blast through the walls of Troy!

Pass the horse through the forts and walls to win the game. Defend the horse and yourself against the various Trojan soldiers along the way.

Use arrows to move Oblivius.

Use Z to jump.

Use X to attack. (When controlling the cannon, this shoots it)

Use C to interact with the control panels and press C again to leave the controls.

Trojan horse control panels:

Cannon - use arrows to aim cannon, x to fire a shot. Refill ammo with the cannon balls strewn around the city!

Movement - use arrows to move the horse left and right. Blast walls to give it space!

Music by Kevin Macleod!


Trojan Mech-Default- 4 MB